Partial prostheses are made of a frame made from a chrome-cobalt-molibdenum alloy that hooks onto the remaining teeth and on which the teeth to be replaced will be added with a pink resin that has the same colour as the gum.
Partial prostheses can stay in place through visible metal hooks or with invisible attachments inserted into a ceramic crown. The alloy used for the tooks is specifically elastic. This allows us to insert and remove the dentures after every meal innumerable times without the hold changing.

This type of product can be used when:

  • The condition of the bones doesn’t allow for the missing teeth to be replaced by implants;
  • If the elements of the remaining teeth aren’t sufficient to create a fixed denture (bridge);
  • For economic reasons.
  • Total prostheses replace all the elements of the missing teeth. In the upper arch, they are held in the mouth with a suction effect that is achieved by optimally adjusting the edge of the dentures to the soft tissue. In the lower arch, this hold effect is much more reduced and it is often compared with an important reabsorption of the bone crest which reduces the hold even more. In this case, the few remaining roots or placed implants make it possible to ensure the dentures through specific anchoring systems.