Fear of the dentist

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13 January 2020
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13 January 2020

Being scared of the dentist is very common. Often this phobic leads to avoiding check ups and important treatments, therefore worsening the state of your health.

Those who suffer from an acute form of dentist phobiawill have certainly experienced during dental visits sensations that manifest as panic accompanied by tachycardia, sweating and nausea. Only a small percentage of people are affected by this severe form of dentist phobia, but at the same time there are a significant number of people that are scared of going to the dentist for more varied reasons: fear of the anaesthetic needle, the sensation of suffocating during treatment and when imprints are taken, very low pain thresholds, and traumatic experiences experienced in childhood.

Difficulty in going to the dentist can, with time, have negative effects on peoples’ health, the state of tissue will get worse leading to tooth loss, persistent pain, bad breath, less self confidence due to a dental look that is no longer “pleasant”.

A beautiful smile is the best card we can show when we meet people and for this reason we can overcome dentist phobia thanks to conscious sedation..