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Application of dental prostheses in Lugano

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Fixed and removable dental prostheses

Partial dentures consist of a frame made of a chromium-cobalt-molybdenum alloy, which is attached to the remaining teeth and on to which the teeth to be replaced are added using a pink resin that is the same colour as the gum. Partial prostheses can be affixed by means of visible metal hooks, or by invisible connections inserted in a ceramic crown.

The alloy used for the hooks is elastic: this allows the prosthesis to be removed and put back on after each meal countless times, without altering the seal.

This type of product can be used for:

  • bone conditions do not allow replacement of missing teeth by implants;

  • In case the remaining dental elements are not sufficient to make a fixed prosthesis (bridge);

  • For economic reasons.

Aesthetic and functional solutions for your teeth

Complete dental prostheses (or dentures) to replace all missing dental elements.

In the upper jaw, it allows the denture to be held in the mouth by means of a suction cup effect, which is achieved by optimally adjusting the edges of the denture to the soft tissue.

In the lower jaw, this sealing effect is much lower and there is often significant bone ridge resorption, which reduces the sealing even more.

In these cases, the remnant of some root or the placement of implants allow the prosthesis to be secured by means of specific anchoring systems.