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Digital smile design in Lugano

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Digital Smile Design is the first software that allows digital design of the aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of the smile, using simple and automatic tools.

Using a guided and intuitive process, the patient can be presented with a preview of the prosthetic result and provide the dental technician with all the information necessary for the execution of the work.

The real strength of this software is the ability to show the patient a simulation of what the smile will look like after treatment, which improves communication and encourages acceptance.

At the same time, the dentist will be able to provide their dental technician with the necessary data to carry out the work.

How does digital smile design work?

The first step for this type of surgery is to take a photograph of the teeth, then to proceed with measurements using technological and three-dimensional devices.

After combining all the data collected using our advanced technology, we examine all the aesthetic factors in order to choose the right balance for the structure of the mouth. Then we find the right design according to your needs.

You will be able to see the final design before the actual procedure begins.

You can see how you want your smile to look, and we can plan treatments to get you the smile you want.