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Dental practice Dr. Fraschina in Lugano

The dental practice of doctor Fiorenzo Fraschina has for years been considered one of the most established and renowned benchmarks in the field of dental surgery, both aesthetic and therapeutic.


Located in Lugano, our studio offers a wide range of services. You can find more details about this on the dedicated pages.


For appointments, see our contact details: we are open from Monday to Friday on Via San Gottardo 10 in Lugano.

Dr. Fraschina dentist: professionalism at the service of your smile

After completing university, Fiorenzo Fraschina obtained their doctorate with a thesis entitled "Use of a fibrin glue for the prevention of osteoradionecrosis following dental extractions in the irradiated field".

He practised in Geneva for five years as an assistant, learning the principles of implantology and aesthetic dental medicine and surgery.

Early in his career, he was particularly interested in the introduction of composite (white) fillings on the posterior teeth. Increasingly attracted by dental cosmetics, he has become a specialist in all the techniques of aesthetic medicine: ceramic veneers, ceramic crowns without metal, whitening treatments.


Dr Fraschina has worked in his dental practice in Lugano since 1994.

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odontoiatria estetica - Fiorenzo Fraschina

Ceramic veneers consist of very thin ceramic "chips" that are applied to the front teeth, after a slight preparation of the enamel.

odontoiatria conservativa - Fiorenzo Fraschina

This is the process of repairing teeth that are damaged, usually due to caries but also due to fractures or colour and shape imperfections, to restore the integrity of the dental organ.

endodonzia - Fiorenzo Fraschina

This area of dentistry focuses on the dental pulp, the living part of the tooth. In cases of deep tooth decay or following fracture, the damage can affect the tooth pulp, which requires endodontic treatment of the tooth.

protesi fisse - Fiorenzo Fraschina

In the case of major caries, large fractures or devitalized teeth, a ceramic cap is recommended.

protesi dentali - Fiorenzo Fraschina

These partial prostheses consist of a frame made of a chromium-cobalt-molybdenum alloy that attaches to the remaining teeth and on to which teeth are added.

chirurgia dentale - Fiorenzo Fraschina

Oral surgery most often concerns the extraction of wisdom teeth for different reasons, such as malpositioning, caries or abscess.

parodontologia - Fiorenzo Fraschina

This relates to treatment of the supporting tissue of the tooth: the periodontium, composed of the gingiva.

sedazione cosciente - Fiorenzo Fraschina

A mix of nitrous oxide (N2O) and oxygen (O) is administered by means of a nasal mask at customised concentrations as required.